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Kindly fill this form in order to apply for the Introduction to Network Operations Course being provided by ISOC and the DNS Entrepreneurship Center. Kindly provide a working email address which will be used to contact you. :

This introductory online course is targeted at novice/entry level UNIX/Linux users pursuing careers in Network or System Administration. The course is practically oriented and guides the trainee step by step on how to install and setup a working UNIX server, connect it to the Internet and then run a Caching Domain Name System (DNS) server in a Virtualized environment. The techniques covered in the course are applicable in real world environments to setup Internet-ready caching DNS servers. Are you willing to take this course? *:
Do you have any Unix/Linux experience? *
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You will need at most 40 hours to complete the course. This means you can finish the course in 1 week of focused time (8 hours a day), or in 10 days of 4 hours study time per day or in 20 days of 2 hours study time per day. You will be allowed up-to 1 month (30 days) to complete the course. Can you commit to completing the course within the 1 month? *