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DNS Business Development

DNS Business Development Workshop

Intended Audience

Attendees of this track would come from disciplines and companies with a focus on the Internet infrastructure and may have a range of qualifications and experiences such as functional and senior managers running Internet businesses (e.g. Internet service providers, Registries, Registrars, etc.) with expertise and interest in these areas:

Internet engineers and programmers
Technical support
Product and brand managers
Digital marketing professionals
Financing and legal issues
Consultants focusing on internet business innovation and strategy

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the Domain Name System (DNS) industry and business drivers to enable entrepreneurs to understand potential business opportunities in this industry.

The course will focus on practical issues where appropriate, with case studies and listings of available resources and vendors in the industry. Ample time will be included for networking opportunities and identifying available resources for on-going assistance after the conclusion of the course.

The course will occur over a 5 day period, with an early end on the last day to accommodate travel schedules.


5 Days

The course will occur over a five days time frame.

DNS Business and Policy Overview
DNS Industry Overview
DNS Business Development Overview
DNS Operations Overview
DNS New Business Considerations

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